Bomb the System Directed by Adam Bhala Lough

With its focus on graffiti and a lackluster storyline, Bomb the System (Palm Pictures) can be described fairly accurately as an update of the 80s graffiti classic Wild Style, which also rode a thin plot through the streets and walls of New York City. Its real value is in the visuals. From the nighttime shots of The City to the many pieces themselves, Bomb the System is a beautiful film. In spite of the story itself, BTS also manages to capture a sense of the energy involved in outlaw street art, a sense of the camaraderie of the crews that do it, and a sense of why they do it.

Bomb the SystemAdam Bhala Lough’s directing and writing aren’t without merit. Aside from the aforementioned beauty of his shooting, there are many powerful scenes. If you’re into graffiti and/or Hip-hop at all, this is a must-see. Def Jux producer and emcee El-P did the score for this movie, and if that doesn’t make you want to see it, then you probably shouldn’t.