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Erik Davis on Follow for Now

The following blurb appeared on Erik Davis’ blog yesterday (Thanks, Erik!):

“Roy Christopher is the supersharp, humble, and very friendly guy who runs the website, which has long been one of my favorite spots online to feel the technoculture’s intellectual pulse — which in Christopher’s case is primarily sensed through dialogue. The thirtysomething Christopher has a rich background — skateboards, BMX, zines, hip hop, Communication Theory degree from San Diego State (which is brimming with SF writers, by the way) — and all this (or something else, perhaps an alien implant) has given him an acute zeitgeist radar. The heart of frontwheeldrive is scores and scores of on-target, and generally succinct interviews — usually conducted by Roy, but also by folks like Mark Dery and Paul Miller. Now, after what seemed like eons, Christopher has collected a mess of these resonant chats and encased them in Gutenberg form. The book Follow for Now is like a crisp and substantial remix of the major memes of the last decade or so.”

“The interviewees are just the sort of people you hope you might run into at a party when you have had enough dancing and want to get down to postmillennial conundrums: SF writers (Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker), hip-hop masterminds (Dälek, Aesop Rock), posthuman theorists (McKenzie Wark, N. Kathering Hayles), visionary bards (Terence McKenna), media sneaks (Geert Lovink, Eric Paulos). Roy invited me to the party a couple of times as well, and Follow for Now contains both a brief interview with me and an interview I did (sorta) with Philip K. Dick (here’s the piece, if you are dying to see how I managed to interview a dead guy). Though Follow for Now appeared with the dreaded slowness of most books, its breadth, accessibility, and zine-worthy cover should give another kick in the pants to these already viral ideas and voices.”