Sticker Nation by Srini Kumar

I don’t know how most people feel about stickers, but they make me get all smiley. Sticker Nation (Disinformation) contains over 400 stickers emblazoned with subversive themes. Classic slogans like “Let the good times roll,” “Express yourself,” and “Power to the people” are peppered amongst “I just changed the world,” “Listen to Marshall McLuhan,” “Eat more veggies,” and “Talk nerdy to me.” My personal favorite is “When I hit the drum, you shake the booty,” but it’s difficult to have a favorite when there are so many good ones in here.

Sticker NationSrini Kumar started making stickers with rebellious phrases on them during a copy shop job in 1994, first gaining notoriety on the web with “” He’s since set up a new site ( and now teamed up with Disinformation to put out this book. Every sticker inside is accompanied by a personal explanation from Kumar, but the meaning of most of these phrases is up to you and where you stick them. Sticker Nation boasts a cover price of less than fifteen dollars. Junior High will never be the same.

Another favorite: “What is stopping you from doing something so cool that it renders you IMMORTAL?” Amen.

Listen to Marshall McLuhan